Book Design

Toizer Photo & Design can create the interior of your masterpiece for self-publishing. Once you have finished writing, let us prepare your manuscript for printing. We’ll provide you with a pdf to upload to your printer of choice, such as IngramSpark, CreateSpace, or Lulu. We can also create an ePUB version of your book to sell through Amazon or your own website.

The Process

The text of your book should be very close to print-ready. That is, all the major edits have been completed and it’s ready to be formatted for print.

If you’re including any images inside, these should be of sufficient resolution: 300 ppi (pixels/inch) at the size it will be printed. If you’re not sure whether your images meet those specifications, just ask. We’ll examine your file(s) and let you know. We can also scan your photos for you (additional charges apply).

You’ll provide your document as .doc or .docx file(s); choose the styles for your chapter headings and text; purchase the ISBN(s) from Bowker; and we’ll take care of the interior layout. Cover design is not our specialty but we’re happy to design something for you (additional charges apply).

Once your pdf is ready, you’ll be able to upload the file to your printer of choice and order a proof to approve. Please go through your proof very carefully and look for any typos, odd formatting, or other changes you would like to make. Provide us with those changes, and we’ll create an updated file that you can upload for a new proof.