Have You Tried Moo?

I love moo.com; I won’t use anyone else for my business cards. Why? They use something they call “printfinity” that allows up to 50 different designs on one side of their products. That means one side of my business cards is all the same: with my name, phone number, email address, and website. But the other side has one of my images and they’re not all the same. While I don’t generally choose 50 different images, I’ll probably choose 12-15. It’s great for anyone who has a portfolio of some kind to share, whether it’s art, design, quotes, whatever…

Self-adhesive magnets, order from AmazonAnd business cards make great magnets. They make excellent gifts and are an inexpensive way to bring some art into your life. I purchase business card-sized self-adhesive magnets, peel off the paper, and attach the business card. Voila! A simple photo gift.

Postcards have a variety of uses, too. I use 5×7 postcards in sets of 10 greeting cards. Each set has a theme: flowers, trees, winter trees, waterfalls, etc. One side of the postcard is about me and the other side shows the images included in the set.

Moo postcards

There are round stickers and square stickers (with rounded edges). I use the square ones on the back of my magnets that say “Photo by Nicki Toizer” but they have different background colors. I’ll use the round stickers soon – I just haven’t decided how yet.

You can design your own and upload it or use one of their templates, or design them online.

I haven’t ordered flyers or letterhead from Moo, but I’m sure they are just as wonderful as everything else.

So give them a try, and save 20% off your first order.

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